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Why Architecture Matters in the Metaverse w/ The Meeting Place

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
Why Architecture Matters in the Metaverse w/ The Meeting Place

On Monday, we covered a project called The Meeting Place, which is a readymade work and play space anchored in virtual reality. We discussed the need for dedicated professional networking and idea-sharing spaces in virtual reality.

Ultimately the idea of readymade virtual estates are an idea we’re bullish on because they’re a quick-and-easy way for brands, communities, and causes to purchase and adopt their own space in virtual worlds.

Because we were intrigued by The Meeting Place’s direction, we had to speak with them more in depth on their vision. So we invited their creators onto the NFT QT podcast.

On this week’s NFT QT show, we are joined by Benny Or and Cristian Shoemaker, the creators and producers of The Meeting Place – where we talk in great depth about the role of architecture and well-designed spaces in the metaverse.

On the show, we discuss topics including:

  1. How their team of architects, artists, and immersive space designers came together to create The Meeting Place
  2. Their mission to create a virtual space where the next great ideas are shared and created
  3. How to think about the use of space in infinite virtual worlds
  4. The importance of a design-first mindset for the metaverse

Overall it was a lighthearted conversation with a lot of big ideas – and we hope you’ll find the time to tune into the episode.