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Why I Think Smart TVs Should Double as Hardware Wallets

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
Why I Think Smart TVs Should Double as Hardware Wallets

TVs becoming an NFT display channel was a predictable outcome. For years, people have found workarounds for turning their screens into NFT galleries. It was only a matter of time until a major manufacturer (this time Samsung) would announce a native NFT integration for their smart TVs.

While Samsung’s news was exciting, particularly the part where they hint at people possibly being able to purchase NFTs through their TVs, it was really just a press release. Not a new idea, at all.

That’s why Q and I had to do our own critical thinking and imagine a more important and visionary way that the smart TV fits into the NFT ecosystem. We came up with smart TVs becoming hardware wallets for crypto and NFTs. We discuss this futuristic idea in detail in the video below:

Key management for blockchain wallets continues to be a pain point for people. But if you introduce people’s TVs as their hardware wallets, you can effectively change the dynamic of that relationship. It’s not a whole lot different from putting your crypto on a Ledger wallet and then locking it in a safe. But TVs are far more accessible… They’re everywhere.

There are a lot of fail-safes that would need to be programmed to make it functional and safe. But think about how much larger of an audience you could reach with smart TVs as an access point to crypto, blockchain apps, and NFTs.