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Why Daniel Allan is the Best Case Study for Music NFTs

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
Why Daniel Allan is the Best Case Study for Music NFTs

Back in September 2021, we created a case study on Daniel Allan (which you can view here at the 9-minute mark of the video). At the time, Daniel was a pioneer of Music NFTs – selling 50% of his next album’s royalties in the form of NFTs. He successfully raised 50 ETH and was able to crowdfund his career.

Four months later, Daniel has not slowed up at all – completing his album, auctioning off the singles as NFTs, and selling exclusive editions of the album. We discuss exactly what he’s done in the video below:

Daniel is the epitome of what happens when you have talent, knowledge of NFTs, and the willingness to connect with other future-thinkers in the space. He’s the best case study we have of a creator using NFTs, DAOs, and various web3 services to entirely fund their career.

What’s most fascinating to us is that his numbers aren’t insurmountable. It’s not like we’re telling you to go learn from Beeple’s $69m sale. No, he sets achievable goals and backs them up with great work.

If you’re looking to use NFTs and web3 communities to build or grow your artistic career, Daniel Allan is the guy you should look at. We talk frequently about how NFT creators can build and sustain momentum, but there’s no one better to learn this from than Daniel.