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What makes a Blue Chip NFT?

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
What makes a Blue Chip NFT?

Every NFT collector would love to know for certain which NFT projects will attain "Blue Chip" status in the future – blue-chip meaning assets whose values rise above the rest of the market, operate outside of the general market swings, and are just generally viewed as premier assets.

Furthermore, we've found that every NFT enthusiast has an opinion on what NFTs are (or will become) Blue Chip NFTs. After all, it's table-stakes to have opinions as speculative investors.

That's why in this week's episode of the NFT QT podcast we discuss the idea of Blue Chip NFTs and what we believe are the important elements that will lead to blue-chip status.

Sidenote, for the first time, we released the podcast as a video so that you can visually follow along with what we're discussing. Watch this week's podcast below:

Throughout the episode we cover the following points:

  • What makes a Blue Chip NFT?
  • The role of Gatekeepers and Tastemakers in creating Blue Chip consensus
  • Wallet-watching NFT whales for future Blue Chip projects
  • The keys to sustaining the momentum of an NFT project
  • Why trust is the key element of Blue Chip NFTs

We hope that you'll find the time to tune into the episode. Enjoy!