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We Need More Use Cases for the Millions of Worthless NFTs

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
We Need More Use Cases for the Millions of Worthless NFTs

Between the thousands of PFP projects and random artwork, nearly every NFT collector has at least a couple of NFTs in their wallet that are worthless. At least from a monetary perspective. But that shouldn’t prevent us from still getting value out of these worthless NFTs.

What we need is more general utility for all NFTs.

For example, MetaSports Basketball is an NFT-based basketball game that allows users to import any NFT character as their in-game player. It populates their player stats in accordance with the rarity traits associated with the project. This means that any of those PFPs you thought were going to the moon (but never got off the ground), now have a utility outside of a hopeless investment.

In the video below, we discuss other general NFT use cases we’ve seen and would like to see emerge in order to give our worthless NFTs purpose again.

The cliché that 99% of NFTs will be worth nothing has been propagated online far and wide. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can find a purpose for these digital assets we took a bet on. After all, we felt some type of way about them in the first place, which is why we purchased them. Let’s keep that spirit alive and create overarching projects that allow us to get some value out of ALL NFTs, not just the ones that appreciate in worth.