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The Metaverse Was Made for Graffiti

Ryan Cowdrey
2 min read
The Metaverse Was Made for Graffiti

The beauty of the term “metaverse” is in its ambiguity. There are no wrong answers to envisioning what the metaverse will be. For this reason, it’s become a marketing buzzword that companies can add to their toolkit.

With the metaverse becoming a marketing buzzword, many projects will add it to their plans without really showcasing a new vision. Every so often, though, you hear of something that just seems to fit the idea of the metaverse.

And the latest idea to fit the metaverse perfectly is street art.

Murals to the Metaverse is preserving street art, murals, and graffiti by digitizing the works and minting them as NFTs. The team has started with 6 works by Bay Area artists, but ultimately has plans to expand to other locales. Artistically, they didn’t simply transport these works into a stagnant digital state. Each piece transports you to where the art was originally created, digitizing the walls and environment of the piece, and animated to show the depth.

Immortalizing street art on the blockchain just feels right. This medium of art is fleeting. It’s created knowing that it will be destroyed. This is why there’s something beautiful about the idea. In today’s video, we discuss how this concept will take shape and influence metaverse environments, which you can watch below:

Regarding the metaverse, we’re going to continue hearing ten bad ideas for every one good idea. It’s just the nature of the game. Think of how often people reference the bad ideas of many early Internet companies. The same holds true for the metaverse.

It takes skill to parse through all of the self-centered press releases in order to find the metaverse projects that have a true chance of making it. On our end, we’re still actively trying to internalize what the metaverse will be in order to structure our vision.

For the foreseeable future, we’re going to be sharing interesting metaverse projects and our thoughts on different concepts. We know that you signed up for an NFT newsletter, but we promise to make the connection between these related fields as often as we can.

After all, the metaverse appears to be the place where our NFTs will ultimately find a permanent home.