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Now that You Can Send DMs to NFT Wallets, Who Will You Message?

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
Now that You Can Send DMs to NFT Wallets, Who Will You Message?

With so many NFT owners remaining anonymous – only identifiable by their wallet address – there hasn’t been an easy way of messaging NFT owners or anyone with an Ethereum Wallet for that matter. Unless you’ve “doxxed” yourself and connected your Twitter to your OpenSea profile or put your ENS domain on Twitter, communicating with a specific NFT owner has been impossible.

But Etherscan has recently unveiled a new feature called Blockscan Chat which allows you to send direct messages to any Ethereum Wallet. For the unfamiliar, Etherscan is a platform that allows you to explore and search the Ethereum blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices, and other activities taking place on the Ethereum blockchain.

Naturally, the announcement of the Blockscan Chat beta generated a ton of conversation on NFTwitter. That’s why today’s video dives deep into the capabilities, opportunities, and issues that may arise from this new feature. You can watch it below:

The obvious benefit is now being able to communicate directly with an NFT owner that you’re interested in purchasing an NFT from. It brings about a new type of connectedness in this digital asset market that should be a net positive.

But it won’t come without some speedbumps. Scammers are now closer to our wallets than ever. Imagine the number of people that may fall victim to a phishing DM on Blockscan Chat asking for wallet credentials. Similarly, marketers and spammers can reach you directly, which could cause a wave of annoying messages.

Of course, Etherscan has probably thought about these potential problems. And it’s a team that I would trust to do the right thing. Overall, the connectedness is a great opportunity and I’m interested to hear about the first “success story” or interesting use case to come from this technology.