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Niche NFT Marketplaces Offering Something Different from OpenSea

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
Niche NFT Marketplaces Offering Something Different from OpenSea

NFT Marketplaces such as OpenSea, Foundation, and Rarible command the lion’s share of NFT sales by being the “eBay for NFTs”. Essentially allowing anyone to mint and sell NFTs of all kinds. As a result, they’ve got NFTs in all different formats, styles, and subject matter. A little something for everyone.

But what about the Niche NFT Marketplaces?

Every week I watch the PR newswire to see what big announcements are being made. And without fail, every week there are half a dozen marketplaces being launched or announced.

The vast majority of new NFT marketplaces cater to a specific niche. For example, here are some Niche NFT Marketplaces and their area of focus in NFTs:

  • 4k Drops – Luxury goods sold and transferred via NFTs
  • Myth Market – Trading card game NFTs
  • Real Nifty – “Make A Wish” NFT service
  • Jambb – Comedy collectible NFTs
  • Async Art – Programmable NFT art
  • Xtingles – Marketplace for ASMR creators
  • Rario – Cricket highlights marketplace
  • Valuables – Selling Tweets as NFTs
  • Dibbs – Physical sports cards fractionalized via NFTs
  • Nifter – Music NFTs
  • KLKTN – K-Pop, anime, and J-culture NFTs

And this is just a small sample size.

They’re all very cool ideas. But it begs the question whether or not the market is ready to be fragmented across all these smaller, hyper-focused marketplaces.

Today we released episode 006 of the NFT QT Show, of which the topic was Niche NFT Marketplaces.

In the show we discuss:

  • Fascinating niche marketplaces out there
  • Whether the NFT market is ready for niche marketplaces
  • A couple of marketplace ideas we think could help expand the NFT consumer-base

You can tune into the Niche NFT Marketplace episode below: