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George Lopez NFT – Celebrating Heritage Through NFTs

Ryan Cowdrey
2 min read
George Lopez NFT – Celebrating Heritage Through NFTs

The NFT community can be quite apprehensive about accepting celebrity entrants into the space, for good reason. But this clearly wasn’t the case for George Lopez who was embraced with open arms for his NFT drop: ChaChaLucha.

George Lopez teamed up with Ali Sabet, who is a renowned artist with over 1,000 NFTs sold to date. Their project is called ChaChaLucha, which features 50 unique, one-of-one Mexican wrestling dudes – alongside a Main Event auction with loads of unlockable experiences.

They both worked on the art, naming, and giving the digital luchadors unique characteristics. So this wasn’t just a celebrity-endorsed cash grab.

Not to mention, they combined it with a charitable cause. Some of the proceeds are going to the George Lopez Foundation to help children with kidney disease.

Priced at $1,850 per NFT, ChaChaLucha has sold out of the entire lot. And the Main Event went for $50,000.

Money aside, I really admire what this team put together. Artistically, I think they nailed the designs and colorwork (and it reminds me of the Mucho logo, which was my first college job where Q and I collaborated).

More importantly, though, this project stood out to me because George showed us a way to celebrate heritage through NFTs. They created art around something uniquely Mexican, which is the Luchador. Thus, giving exposure to a piece of really cool culture.

And in an NFT market ripe with copycats looking to cash in on the design style of CryptoPunks or Bored Apes, they brought their own identities into the art. That, I love to see!

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