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Designing and Selling Readymade Metaverse Environments w/ Spatial

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
Designing and Selling Readymade Metaverse Environments w/ Spatial

Metaverse Architects are popping up all over the Internet. 3D designers and studios are quickly rebranding their services to individuals and brands looking to build in the metaverse.

To name a few, there’s M2 Studios, Decentraland Architects, Pico Velasquez, LandVault, Voxel Architects, and Amanda Mariano.

On this week’s episode of the NFT QT podcast, we explore ready-made metaverse environments that are sold as NFTs and the emergence of the Metaverse Architect job title.

Partway through the episode, we are joined by Bri Scully, the Product Marketing Manager at Spatial – a VR company that has recently rebranded to offering tools for people to architect metaverse environments.

Throughout the episode, we discuss topics including:

  1. The emergence of “Metaverse Architect” as a job title
  2. How Spatial is empowering creators to design and sell readymade virtual environments
  3. Spatial drops their first metaverse environments as NFTs
  4. Our reaction after purchasing some of these readymade metaverse environments
  5. Our ideal scenario of what the next step for the metaverse is

If you find the time to tune into the episode this weekend, we hope you enjoy!