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Charitable NFTs – How to Create Perpetual Non-Profit Donations

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
Charitable NFTs – How to Create Perpetual Non-Profit Donations

As you probably know by now, we usually don’t favor PFP projects as many of them turn out to be blatant cash grabs for the creators.

However, there’s a growing trend of PFPs funneling their profits to charity. We mentioned it in the Lobby Lobsters article.

Now, another benevolent PFP project caught our eye this past week.

It’s called Rainbow Rolls (also known as NFTP). It’s a charitable PFP project where donors receive one of 10,000 cute TP rolls, with over half of the funds being donated to Gitcoin, Giveth, and RIP Medical Debt.

First, I liked that they were metaphorically sh*tting on PFP projects with their toilet paper-themed creation. They shared the same sentiment as us as far as PFP cash grabs. And they are doing something about it, funneling nearly ⅔ of their profit to three great charities.

So we invited them onto this week’s episode of the NFT QT Show. We talk about the future of charities adopting NFTs to create perpetual donor systems. And what we would like to see happen with charitable NFTs in the coming years.

Hope you tune in!