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6 NFT Ideas that Will Influence the Future of NFTs

Ryan Cowdrey
1 min read
6 NFT Ideas that Will Influence the Future of NFTs

The NFT community is small but strong. The Financial Times places the number of active NFT holders at around 360,000 (not including the 2 million Axie Infinity players). Some of the best ideas we’ve heard in the last couple of years have come out of this community of ~360,000.

We realize that NFT QT is just one vector in this NFT space – a community that champions collaboration and idea-share. What we love most is how often NFT collectors uplift each other’s ideas. It’s not about being the first to have an idea, but rather about being a part of the change.

That’s why we decided to change up the flow of the NFT QT Show this week. Q and I curated some of our favorite tweets from NFTwitter and discussed the ideas posed by others.

NFT ideas we discussed include:

  • The emergence of DeSci (Decentralized Science)
  • What NFT projects can learn from LEGOs
  • Estate planning services for NFTs – making it easy to pass along digital assets when we pass away
  • And many more NFT ideas

You can watch this week’s NFT QT Show below:

Let us know what you think of this new format. We’re constantly trying to change things up and introduce new ways of talking about NFT ideas.

We hope you’ll find the time to tune in to this week’s episode!